Baby Cows Take A Drive In Their Family’s Car

Given where I live now, there isn’t really a need for me to drive, so I usually just take public transport to wherever I need to go.
Public transport in Dublin is relatively uneventful – apart from that time someone tried to bring a horse onto the Luas. Unfortunately, I was not there to witness it.
But what I do miss about driving is being on the road, looking over to one of the cars beside me, and potentially having a “wtf” moment when you see what they’ve got in their car.

Some people transport some pretty wild things in their cars. I’ve seen some pretty bizarre things in the backs of people’s cars when I used to live and drive in Southern California. But I don’t think anything I’ve seen would be as silly or strange as a car full of cows.

But for one family making their way to Fall Branch, Tennessee, it must’ve been a bizarre view for other cars on the road as the family hauled a couple of calves home with them in their van.

Most livestock, when transported, gets driven around in an appropriate trailer hitched to the back of a vehicle. But when one woman’s husband decided to buy two calves on a Sunday evening, the only way to get them home apparently was the back of a Honda Odyssey.

The journey home was captured on camera by the woman and featured her kids’ reactions to their four-legged passengers that were hanging out in the very back of the van.

This video caption read: “My husband, our two kids, and myself spontaneously decided to go buy two calves on a Sunday evening. We couldn’t find the keys to our car, so we decided to hop in my mom’s Honda Odyssey without telling her and headed to Fall Branch, TN. We loaded the calves up in the back of the van and started driving home. I loved how my kids were reacting to them being back there so I took a video of it. We made it all the way home without them pooping or peeing in the car!”

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