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160-Lb. Bullmastiff Goes Nuts When Soldier Owner Returns Home

When we think of our pets, happy thoughts spring to our minds. They are fun to be around and looking after a pet enriches your life. It makes you more responsible and pets can grow you up just like little children do. We know that the positive energy of a pet can hardly be replaced with anything else. It is true that when we are feeling down in the dumps, our pet is the one that can brighten up our day.

This giant dog couldn’t contain his excitement when his US soldier ‘brother’ returned home after almost three months – climbing on top of and smothering him with love. Jaxson, an 18-month-old Bullmastiff, weighs 160lbs but thinks he’s still a small puppy and doesn’t realize his size. So, when Jason Floyd, 19, returned home from Army Basic Training, the adorable pooch charged towards him before happily bundling on top of him and covering him with licks.

And the feeling was clearly mutual as Jason takes his opportunity to break free before joining Jaxson on the ground for even more cuddles. While Jason was away, his mom Lisa Floyd, from Greenville, Rhode Island, put his t-shirts on pillows for Jaxson to snuggle up to as he missed his human brother so much.

Jackson obviously can’t have enough of his favorite human. Just look how he is all over him, lavishing his human with hugs and kisses. It can’t get any more adorable, can it? Love is the only thing he knows of and his owner must be delighted with this meeting. It’s so obvious that Jackson missed him a lot. Though he looks intimidating, we can say that the size of his body is proportionate with the love he has for his human friend.

Have you seen a dog more excited to see its owner’s return? This is one of those rare occasions when we can witness such a sight and we immediately realize that dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Jackson has a very special attachment to his owner. You won’t believe how happy he is to run towards him the second he sees him after being away for some time. Watch as Jackson bounces around and gets extremely excited to see his owner. They call it doggy love. You can just tell how close these two are to one another. Priceless!

How adorable is this reaction? You can only imagine how special the following moments were when these two spent some more time together!

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