Meet The Dog That Flunked Out Of K9 Training School

It doesn’t matter whether our dog is a bit dopey or if he is the smartest dog on the planet, we love them all the same.

Just like humans, however, we recognize that dogs have their own strengths and weaknesses and this is on an individual basis.

I think that most of us would probably like to have a dog that would rush into a burning building to save the occupants but let’s face it, not every dog is cracked up to be a lifesaver in that way.

Some of them are just content to curl up on your lap and get scratched behind the ears and that is what is good in life.

That is where Ryker comes in. He was enrolled at the Double H Canine Training Academy and they were planning on teaching him to be a service dog. Unfortunately, Ryker wasn’t able to make the cut and he flunked out of school in a most hilarious way.

Rather than simply flunking him out of school and then making that the end of the story, the dog trainers decided they would put together a video and entitle it the “epic service dog failure.” It shows clearly why Ryker didn’t make it through to get his doggie diploma, even though he gave his all and had some fairly goodhearted attempts.

One of the biggest problems that Ryker had was his obsession with balls. Just watch what happens when a walker goes by with tennis balls on it. There was also one that was thrown at the end of a string and he just can’t help himself when there is a ball around. Maybe this is where he took things a little too far.

In the end, he wasn’t able to pass the service dog school training academy but he is still a fantastic animal. Zach Janes, the trainer, agrees but some dogs are just meant to live a happy life with their family and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Check out the video below:

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