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Mother dog’s reaction to puppy playing with her ears sparks laughter

Dog videos can often lift someone’s mood almost instantly. If you’re looking for a clip like this to make you happy, then this share might work. Here’s a video involving a bitch and her baby. Videos also have the potential to make you laugh.

This video was originally posted on Instagram a few years ago. However, after being re-shared on Reddit recently, it has sparked discussions again. The video is posted with a simple and sweet title. “Chew Mommy’s ears,” it read.

The video opened to show the mother dog sitting on what looked like a bed. Her two children also sat next to her. Within moments, one of them started playing with its mother’s ear. What makes this video fun to watch is the puppy’s expression as her kids plays with her ears.

The video on Reddit was posted about 17 hours ago. Since it was shared, the clip has racked up nearly 12,000 likes and counting. The sharing also prompted various comments.

“Be a mom, they say. It’s going to be fun, they say,” wrote one Reddit user imagining the dog’s thoughts. “That’s a very patient mom!” posted another. “Mom is done,” said the third. “Little cuties,” a fourth commented.

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