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Bulldog Jumps For Joy When She Sees Her New Ice Pool

Chandler is an energetic dog, so when she gets extra excited, it’s pretty special — but it takes something fantastic for that to happen.A big, blue plastic pool filled with ice? Yeah, that’ll do it.When Michelle Guo set up an ice pool in the backyard for her bulldogs, she expected her dog Walter.

Who loves water and chewing on ice, to be the most excited. To Guo’s surprise, the minute her dogs saw the pool, Chandler was the one diving headfirst. She took a running start and hopped right in, while Walter remained cautiously on the sidelines.

Guo was careful to set up the pool on a day when it was sunny but not very hot — as a stark shift in temperature would have been too jarring for the pups.


Seemingly, it was the perfect temperature for Chandler, who jumped in and out of the ice with such enthusiasm and determination, it was as if she was inventing a new Olympic sport.

This fun-loving, happy spirit is essential to Chandler’s personality. Chandler has been a blessing for her brother, Walter, who, before he was rescued by his mom, was attacked as a puppy and suffers from anxiety as a result. She was introduced to Walter as a support animal and has done an amazing job breaking Walter out of his shell.


Not only does Chandler comfort her brother, she also provides endless love to Guo.“When Chandler is with me, I always feel safe,” Guo told The Dodo. “She likes to sleep on the bed like a human, with her head on a pillow.”

Clearly, Chandler is a pup willing to give endless affection and expects nothing in return.But if she happens to be rewarded with a big pool full of ice chunks? Well, she certainly won’t turn it down.

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