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Service Dog Gives All For Little Girl So Family Thanks Him With ‘Best Day Ever’

George was treated to the day of his dreams filled with hamburgers, playing in the snow, and lots of treats!

Bella Burton was diagnosed with Morquio syndrome about 15 years ago. Morquio syndrome is a genetic condition that affects a child’s bones and spine, organs, and physical abilities, according to Boston Children’s Hospital.

The condition compromised Bella’s ability to walk and required her to use walking aids, which limited her independence. But that all changed when Bella got George


“I got around on crutches or in a wheelchair and I’m just like, I don’t want to do this anymore,” Bella recalled

Bella was given a service dog after volunteering with the non-profit organization Service Dog Project for a year.

“One day Bella climbed up with George and she was talking to George and, the next thing you know, his head was in her lap and he was looking at her like she was the best thing in the world,recalled Megan Kokaras, a trainer with the Service Dog Project.

That’s when Bella and George knew that they would be best buddies for life.

“I could tell he needed me and I needed him,” Bella said. “The first time I walked with George,it was amazing. It was like I haven’t walked in so long. And now it’s like, I can do it again.”

When Bella and her mom Rachel Burton  heard about BarkPost’s “Dog Best Day” series, they knew they had to nominate George.

Bella says George has allowed her to become more independent than

she could have ever been without him

So, it was very clear to BarkPost that George was the goodest boy who deserved a day off the clock to be fully pampered.

The first stop on George’s big day in Boston was the Copley Plaza Hotel, where the doorman greeted him directly holding the door wide open for him.

Then, he met the hotel’s regional vice president, who personally welcomed George and Bella to the hotel.“On behalf of our K-9 ambassadors, have the best day ever! George, you’re off duty. Go and enjoy Boston!”

The next stop was at Walhburger for a yummy treat.Since George is a service dog, he isn’t allowed to have people food.

But today was “Dog’s Best Day,” so George was treated to about 10 hamburgers served on a platter, which he ate right up.

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