9-Year-Old Uses Up Pocket Money To Open A Shelter

Ken Amante is a 9-year-old boy from a small town. From a very young age, Ken had a special place in his heart for animals. So when he started going to school, he got into the habit of feeding and petting local homeless animals.Soon, little Ken was using up all his pocket money to feed the stray animals.

He would even sneak out bagfuls of food from his home to feed the poor animals. Ken’s parents were initially very suspicious of their boy’s “shady” behavior. But when they gradually learned about his noble pursuit, they decided to give him their wholehearted support!

With time, Ken grew more and more agitated at the endless suffering of the neglected homeless animals. His heart would bleed every time a street dog would be put down because of regular illnesses like sores and mange. But instead of being a passive spectator, Ken resolved to open animal shelter of his own!

Source: Happy Animals Club/Facebook

Ken narrates now he built “The Happy Animals Club”, his shelter, from scratch. Today, Ken feeds and cares for many sick and starving animals. He’s even learning the basic medical aids that are required to tend to an animal. Donations to Ken’s noble shelter can be made on their website.

Source: Happy Animals Club/Facebook

Ken is truly an inspiration to us all. At such a young age, he took more initiative to help dogs than most people do in their lifetime. Ken’s goal is to save as many pets as he can from being put down.

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