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Mama Dog Finds Perfect Way To Stop Puppies From Fighting

Kids often fight with their siblings, and it is usually their parents who stop them. But is this the same with animals?

Animals have their way of disciplining their younglings, and they are not too different from some human parents out there. Wolves, for example, will snap at their cubs when they get selfish or greedy for food.

The Labrador Retriever has been carefully observing her puppies since they started playing on a blanket.

Puppies biting and chasing each other is a normal activity. It is their way of playing with the pack. However, if their playfulness escalates to the point that they could hurt each other, their mom may need to step in.

This mom seems to be fed up with her puppies’ nonsense.

Two Labrador pups named Lucy and Milo are filmed by their parents as they wrestle with each other on the blanket spread on the floor. Lucy and Milo just look adorable as they continue to exchange tiny punches from their paws, but come to think of it, aren’t they trying to rip each other’s faces off?

Watch the hilarious way mama dog stamps out her little one’s attitude in the video below.

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