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Dog Misses His Neighbor Friends So Much That He Spends All Day Watching Them From The Balcony

The three-year-old English bulldog known as “Pop” who resides in Atlanta, Georgia with Rashida Ellis is known as “Big Poppa.” Pop has gained a lot of online popularity as a result of a picture that captures the event going viral.

Rashida, a 38-year-old fashion designer, formerly created costumes for TV shows and motion pictures. However, as a result of the unique coronavirus epidemic, she is no longer creating costumes.

She has been producing clothing at home to market online.

She usually likes Pop’s companionship while she is at home, but like most people, the bulldog is going through a difficult moment.

Pop has not been allowed to visit any of his pals because of the quarantine because they are all socially distant, and this has a significant negative impact on him.

For BuzzFeed News, Rashida said:

The terrible part is that we have to keep our distance from him as well. He simply wanders around the yard seeking for people when he is inside. He is moving a little slowly and resting more. He doesn’t seem to be as ecstatic and joyful as he typically is, in my opinion. He’s probably sick of me playing games with him.

Pop is a very sociable person, so Rashida would bring him to the movie site where he would play with his buddies and get lots of cuddles from the stars in their trailers. Whether it was wrestling on the grass or jumping on a skateboard, he truly enjoyed playing with the kids that live in the apartment complex.

Says Rashida

“He prefers youngsters to other canines to adults. That’s the order “.

Big Poppa appears to be stuck at home, cut off from his friends and his social life, and exhibiting some fairly severe depression.

Says Rashida

“I usually tell Popsicle to cheer up when he’s having a terrible day. I aspire for your happiness!”

Pop, though, appears to pay little notice as he waits impatiently on his apartment’s balcony and observes passersby from a distance.

Says Rashida

They couldn’t hear him because we live on the sixth story, despite his making noises to gain their attention. Oh my God, she looks so dejected.”

Pop was utterly defeated and heartbroken in the picture she took right away, which she uploaded on Twitter and went viral. Thousands of people liked and commented on Rashida’s Tweet, which immediately gained popularity.

She published the image along with the following caption:

“Big Poppa has been acting so depressed today that I believe he misses playing with the young children in the building. She only observes them from her patio.

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