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Woman Finishes Marathon Carrying A Stray Puppy She Stopped To Rescue Along The Way

Like any other athlete, has the right amount of drive and spirit of competitiveness. She particularly enjoys running and has had her fair share of competitions.
However, in one of her recent marathons in Bangkok, Thailand, Khemjira showed she isn’t just an good athlete, but she also has a big heart.
A puppy looking lost at the side of the road made her stop and forget about the competition. It was a 26-mile run and she was just on her 7th mile, but after seeing that little puppy there, with no mother in sight, she couldn’t do anything but saving her. She stopped, picked her up and brought it with her for the entire marathon. She didn’t leave the puppy to someone in the audience, she carried the puppy all the way to the finish line, forging a bond that won’t be easy to break.
After the race they made a quick visit to the place where she found the pup just to check if her siblings or mother were still in the area, but they were nowhere to be found, so Khemjira brought the dog home with her. The puppy has now a forever home, and Khemjira named her Nom Chom.
Nom Chom has had a checkup at the vet, is comfortable and well loved, with her new human mom and fur siblings taking care of her.

This is Khemjira Klongsanun from Bangkok, Thailand.

She saved a lost puppy stranded at the side of the road during a 26-mile marathon race.

Instead of leaving her with other people, she chose to run with the puppy until the finish line.

Check them out as they waved to the people cheering for them.

Here they are, posing for the cameras. Aren’t they adorable?

They even went back where the puppy was found but no mom or sibling was in sight.

Khemjira named the puppy Nom Chom, and decided to take her home. Look at Nom Chom getting all that sun and much needed beauty rest! Getting lost is tough, you know?

Do you think they’re discussing rules and telling each other who the boss is?

Here’s another picture of Nom Chom looking all comfortable and well taken care of in the comforts of a lovely home.

Just look at those adorable onesies!

And here’s Nom Chom again, getting comfortable with one of her new siblings.

Here is a video of Khemjira carrying the puppy during the marathon:

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