Everyone Warns Him Not To Meet Gorilla He Raised – 5 Years Later, Their Meeting In The Jungle Leaves Everyone In Tears

True friendships never die. It’s a saying that applies to animals just as much as it does to humans.

Animals have a special ability to remember those humans who have been kind to them them.

You might think that this only applies to pets like dogs and cats, but this video shows how strong the bond between wild animals and their caretakers can be.

The Aspinall Foundation is an animal conservation charity that among other things rehabilitates gorillas and then returns them to their natural environment.

Over the years, conservationist Damian Aspinall has seen hundreds of gorillas return to the place where they belong.

But there was one gorilla that Damian could never really get out of his mind: Kwibi.

Damian took care of Kwibi day and night until he five years old.

Then on Kwibi’s fifth birthday, he was released into the jungles of Gabon.

But not everything went as planned…

After a while, the Aspinall Foundation’s conservationist noticed that Kwibi was behaving strangely. The gorilla acted aggressively against toward everyone who tried to approach him.

Damian decided to look up his old friend, despite warnings from his peers. By now, Kwibi was 10 years old and significantly bigger and stronger than when Damian bid him farewell.

Would Kwibi act aggressively toward Damian? Would he try to kill him?

Check out what happens when the two friends meet for the first time in half a decade.

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