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Family Is So Eager To Save Stray Cat That They Build Him His Own House

Gerrie and Loki have a large catio in which they like playing and relaxing while watching the world go by outside. A new cat came up to the catio to say hi one day. The animals’ parents assumed he was someone else’s cat in the neighborhood and didn’t think much of it until he returned and a neighbor stated that he was a stray who had lived in the region for years.

As soon as they heard it, they nicknamed him Ziggy and began attempting to win him over.

Ziggy began coming by twice a day for food, but was initially too afraid to be touched. His new pals wanted him to feel comfortable every time he came by, so they decided to build him his own tiny house. They reasoned that if he remained unfriendly as the winter months came, he would also have a warm place to stay, and they began feeding him in there to make him used to it.

Ziggy enjoyed the house and gradually warmed up to the couple, but it was evident he still had a long way to go.

“After a few weeks of feeding, I was finally able to touch him as he was eating,” Renee, the kittens’ mom (who requested that her last name not be used), told The Dodo. “But as soon as he finished his meal, he refused to be touched.”

The couple was still unsure what they were going to do about Ziggy — whether they should simply keep feeding him outdoors until he was more comfortable or try to take him inside — until one day they discovered him curled up in his small house, wounded and in need of assistance. They hurried him to the vet, where he had the necessary operation, and then brought him home.

“We kept him in a separate room for a few days after he had surgery,” Renee explained. “We let him see Gerrie and Loki again after a few days.” Fortunately, they still got along, so we decided to keep Ziggy.”

The couple had constructed Ziggy a little outdoor house so he could have his own secure zone — but in the end, it was their home where he genuinely found protection and comfort in the form of a brand-new forever family.

It took some time, but Ziggy is now entirely settled in his new home and enjoying his new life. After his new parents helped him heal and took such wonderful care of him, it seemed he realized they weren’t that frightening after all. His favorite pastimes these days include stretching out close to the window and lying near the warm dishwasher. He still enjoys spending time outside with his new siblings, but instead of having his own small home, he now shares the great, huge catio with Gerrie and Loki.

The three cats now enjoy hanging out together, watching the world go by and keeping an eye out for any stray cats in need of a home.

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