Cat Amuses Social Media Followers after Refusing To Let Owner Make Their Bed: ‘ He Chose Violence Today’

Cats are tricky animals. First they cuddle you, then they scratch at your arm and tear up the sofa. They can also be dramatic, which means it can be hard to get things done around the house when all your feline friend wants is some attention.

One cat owner shared the hard parts of having a cat as a pet in a recent video on TikTok, where the animal can be seen refusing to let their owner make their bed.

The TikTok account @neontacocat documents the adventures of Albus Dumplepaw, a kitten with more than 36,000 followers on the platform. In the viral video, Albus is seen protecting the unmade bed from their owner.

The cat-lover steps towards the bed, and Albus stalks along the mattress with his fur sticking up, marking his territory with a sideways walk. “What are you doing?” the owner can be heard laughing at the cat.

The hilarious video has been viewed more than 5m times on TikTok, where viewers have had a lot to say about the bizarre cat.

“That’s a fun crab you have,” commented @direstraits11.

“One must perform a ceremonial crab walk before one’s bed can be made,”joked another user.

“Did you guys hear the ‘grr’?” asked @imagreenfish, who was referring to the menacing sound made by the cat at the end of the video.

@neontacocat He won’t let me make the bed #ragdoll #catsoftiktok #cute #cat #ragdollcat #meow ♬ original sound – Albus Dumblepaw

However, as noted by some TikTokers, the behaviour displayed in the video is just a normal part of being a cat owner, with some revealing they’ve even seen their own pets do the same sideways crab-walk.

“I can never take my cat seriously when she does that spooky shuffle,” said @_saddleking, while someone else asked: “Why do they do this?”

“I have a kitten who does exactly the same,” shared @surerose99. “It takes so long to even change the bed covers as he thinks everything is one big game.”

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