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Do Not Distrub:Woman Spots Random Bear Hilariously Living Ist Best Life

Everyone needs a little luxury now and again. Even wild animals. That’s why one black bear thought he hit the jackpot when he found a plush mattress to lie on in a Kingfisher Lake, Ontario landfill.

Black bears are often spotted in northern Ontario.

And a garbage dump is an ideal chill spot a black bear. But this black bear seemed to be valuing his relaxation time rather than hunting for some food.

Keira Mamakwa wasn’t surprised to see a black bear around 5 p.m. on a summer evening while visiting the dump, which is 500 km north of the First Nation community Thunder Bay.

But she was surprised to see him comfy on the mattress “just vibing’” as she explained in a Facebook post

The bear was only about 15 feet away from her but she just thought it was so hilarious that she needed to snap some photos.

Her post was shared about 6,000 times.

The bear didn’t seem to welcome all the attention. He looked up at her at one point as if he was annoyed that she was interrupting his cozy time.





He’s like ‘Damn is this memory foam?” one person said in Facebook post’s comments.

“Wouldn’t she like that in her cave for hibernation!” said another.

“Someone’s trash is another one’s treasure,” and another

Black bears are the most common and widely distributed type of bear in North America.

You can find them in places that are forested, on the beach, and in the alpine zone.

Black bears in different regions can have very different diets, denning traditions, and life cycles from each other. Their behavior can also vary.

Black bears are pretty common in Ontario.

“Not every bear sighting is an emergency situation. Here is who to call if you encounter a bear,”‘s website explains.

In Ontario, you’re only supposed to call 911 if there is an immediate threat to personal safety or if the bear exhibits threatening or aggressive behavior.


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