Panicked Mother Dog And Rescue Worker Save Puppies After House Collapse

There truly is nothing like a mother’s love and in this case, her love and devotion surely saved her puppies after a house collapse in India.

Presumably, this mother dog led a rescue worker from Animal Aid Unlimited to the location of her newborn puppies, which were buried under the rubble of a collapsed house.

When the video starts, we are uncertain how long the man and dog have been digging but due to the size of the hole and surrounding debris, we get the impression it has been a long time.

The mother dog is frantically trying to dig out her pups, using her claws and teeth to move rocks and dirt but the job is just too big for her to manage on her own.  One wonders, as they watch, if the job will be too big for the rescue worker, too.

As the determined rescue worker digs and pulls rocks from the hole, he patiently guides the panicked mother out of the hole again and again.  But she is determined to help him dig and guide him to her puppies.

Tears and tensions flow as we wonder if they will ever get the pups out in time.  Could they possibly still be alive under the weight of the collapse?

Finally the two expose a crack that allows them to sneak a peek under the collapsed house.  Underneath, they can see the puppies, which start to cry for their mother.

The man continues to dig and pulls two pups to safety and hands them off to a helper and their whimpering mother.

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