The only white and brown panda in the world, who was abandoned as a baby, has finally found happiness

Qizai is the most unique panda you have ever known. Unlike other giant pandas, this one is white and brown.

This brown panda is the most popular one in China’s Foping Panda Valley giant panda park. He was found very weak in the Qinling Mountains.

His mother left him for unknown reasons and the cub was taken to the park. People were shocked to see the unusual coloring of this brown panda. Scientists thought that it was because of genetic mutation.

Though Qizi had sad childhood the park staff took special care of him. They even thought to bring a female for him to see their cubs. Maybe they would be like their father and the scientists could reveal the secret of the color.

First Qizai was treated differently from other pandas of the park but now he has a guardian who looks after him very attentively.

Qizai now weighs 100kg and eats 20kg of bamboo every day.

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