The lion cubs abandoned by their mom were saved by the caring dog

This story happened when two lion cubs were abandoned by their mother. At one of the wildlife parks in Russia, a lion gave birth to two little cubs. They were adorable and needed mother care and attention on the first days of their life. But their mother didn’t pay much attention to them and even rejected them.

So the staff of the wildlife park decided to take the cubs and give them the vital mothercare that is very essential for them. The abandoned lion cubs need this special care for their first days of life to be stronger and healthier the next days of their life.

The staff took the two lion cubs and gave them to a very generous German Shepherd named Sandra. Sandra was very happy to see the lion cubs. She started her usual mothercare without any difficulty.

She played with them, cuddled them with great pleasure, and even fed them with her own milk. For her, the lion cubs are not lion cubs but her puppies.

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