The Cat Zeus Didn’t Notice That His Friend Dog Had Passed Away Until He Found A Dog Collar

Our wonderful story is about the pure relationship between the dog Sam and the cat Zeus We all know that dogs and cats can easily live together under one roof and feel very happy having each other. This couple were trying to avoid each other living in the same house.

They were not arguing or beating but simply just did not like spending time together. When the dog was gone the cat didn’t seem to notice the loss of the dog.

At first days the cat didn’t even understand that the dog had gone but a few weeks later whenever he saw the dog collar something really changed. The cat was looking for the dog all the time. Zeus was following his owner and meowing after him. It seems the cat was trying to ask “Where is my old friend”.

When the cat noticed the collar, he put hi head inside it and slept in that position. The owners of the Zeus didn’t expect their cat to be missing the dog so much. They cried a lot witnessing that scene. It was so emotional. The owners didn’t throw away the collar as the cat loves sleeping with it every day since the death of the dog.

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