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Dog Waits Patiently Every Week For Her Favorite Garbage Man To Arrive

This dog’s friendship with the garbage man would make you want to be her friend, too!

Dogs are man’s best friend; for most of them, man = everyone!

That’s the general demeanor and personality of dogs. They will come close to you and try to befriend you even if you seem scared of them. Give them a treat or two, and you’ll win them over!

It starts with treats, but their affection towards a human is anchored on trust. It’s like that bond you form with your neighbor’s dog when they see you often, or you pass by their yard and give them a good pet.

Lily is one of those friendly dogs down the block.

Her owner, Ishaan Chatterjee, considers her his best friend but he had to admit she had other best friends, too. He noticed how his buddy would greet almost anyone that passed by, and with that attitude, it’s impossible to befriend anyone who would come and say hi.


She was always ready for some waves and pets whenever she saw a canvasser or mailman. Sadly, not everyone stopped by and paid attention to this loving dog.

Except for the garbage man.

Lily started to notice that her family took out the garbage bins every Thursday night, and a truck would pick them up the following day. She thought maybe this guy would be her next best friend!

She waited for the truck to arrive, and this sanitation worker named David noticed her nearby. He gave her a friendly pat on the head, and Lily seemed to like it. That’s how their friendship started.

Since then, David came on schedule with some treats in his pockets.

This became the Lily-David Friday morning routine: she waits patiently until the truck stops by the gate, and David goes down to give Lily a pat and some treats before he empties the family’s bin and leaves. Every. Single. Time!

Their friendship blossomed beautifully, and Ishaan loved watching the two by the window. He captured those priceless moments, not wanting to intrude. He simply wanted to show people how we connect with animals in such a beautiful way.

He posted these videos on TikTok that people viewed so many times.

The first video he posted earned around 750,000 views, while the next reached more than 2 million views! People absolutely loved and enjoyed the friendship between these two.

In one of his videos, he added a text saying, “I think it’s the best part of both of their days.” It’s evident how David was generous with giving her treats and how Lily wagged her tail whenever she saw the garbage truck.

Ishaan also told The Dodo how their interaction had reminded everyone of kindness.

“Their relationship has blossomed into the sweetest thing,” he said. Ishaan added that while Lily has always been friendly to anyone, he could tell that her bond with David was deeper.

He also said in the same interview that Lily and David showed what kindness is and should be. Lily repaid kindness with kindness, and it didn’t even matter who they were and what they did. Kindness is as simple as that.

Check out the video of their sweet interaction below!

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