Sympathetic Toddler Comforts Scared Dog During A Thunderstorm

Storm anxiety is real, and this golden retriever is hiding in the laundry room to get away from the booming thunder. But he’s not alone because his tiny best friend is there to comfort him.

When thunderstorms hit, dogs can be very sensitive to the sounds and changes in barometric pressure they bring. This fear can cause dogs to get anxious and try to hide from the weather. Dogs with storm anxiety can pant, hide, shake, whine, scratch, and even panic and try to escape their home and yard.

Since dogs can’t explain their feelings, it’s up to humans to figure out what’s wrong. With storm anxiety, it’s usually obvious what’s triggering the fear. But sometimes, dogs can detect that a storm is coming long before we do and begin acting off or even misbehaving.

This golden retriever has storm anxiety and had decided to ride out the weather in the laundry room. When he went inside to hide, all he wanted to do was get away from the scariness and sounds of the storm.

But his little best friend was not about to leave him alone to ride out of the storm by himself. The empathetic toddler followed the pup into the laundry room and what happens next is the sweetest thing on the Internet.

When mom goes looking for the two, she comes across her baby comforting their dog next to the clothes dryer and begins to video the charming encounter, which will warm your heart on the stormiest day.

These two are adorable and so lucky to have each other. Certainly, they have each other’s back and are truly best friends. The scene is so tender and just a glimpse of the love the two share. We hope you enjoyed it. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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