Mama Gorilla Welcomes Her Cute Baby Boy, And The Internet Can’t Handle The Cuteness

Mama gorilla welcomed her cute baby boy at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston on October 14, 2020, after undergoing a c-section, and the internet has gone insane about it.

Kiki, a 39-year-old gorilla at the Franklin Park Zoo, had to undergo a c-section after being diagnosed with placenta previa. This pregnancy complication occurs when a baby’s placenta covers the mother’s cervix.

Thankfully, the new arrival was delivered safely. After delivery, Kiki’s baby immediately captured the heart of his mama and everyone on the internet.

After Kiki recovered from the surgery, she was reunited with her baby, and the two immediately started bonding. Kiki held her baby close and tended to him with all the love in the world.

The zoo employees, having been moved by Kiki’s delivery, did not put Kiki and her baby back in the exhibit. They allowed the two to rest and spend some quality time together.

The Franklin Park Zoo shared heartwarming photos of Kiki and her baby on Facebook — and people can’t get enough of how adorable these two look.

As per reports, the little guy is the first male gorilla born at the Franklin Park Zoo. He definitely deserves all the love and attention he is getting from his mother and fans.

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