Starving Puppy Too Weak To Talk, Crawls Himself To Rescuers

The Malnourished Puppy Was Rescued During Heartbreaking Puppy Mill Raid

HSUS, the Humane Society of the Usus, visited save Daniel, a poor pup, alongside 294 pups, who were in very bad circumstances, from a bred farm in Arkansas.

The spokeswoman of the rescue, Jessica Lauginiger, said that she can’t forget the instant she saw Daniel, who was covered in feces and dirt, crawling them posing for help.

She added that they were ready to save him alongside 294 other pups from the farm. They then transported the dogs to be medicated in an emergency shelter, where the sweet Daniel finally felt safe.

Thankfully, Daniel started running again just after 2 weeks. To form things even better, he was then adopted by a sort family in Blue Springs, Missouri. What a cheerful ending!

Watch the video below.

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