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Heartbroken Army Vet is Separated from K9 until 2 Years Later They’re Reunited

When Sergeant Jason Bos retired from the Army, his K9 partner Cila was given someone new to work with. Then, after 2 years they were reunited and this heartwarming moment was captured in the video below.

Cila is a chocolate Labrador Retriever and works as an explosive detection dog. She is also called CiCi. Cila is very good at her important yet dangerous job.

Cila and Army Veteran Jason Bos Become Partners

Even though Cila was very good at her job, they couldn’t find anyone to work with her. She just wouldn’t listen to anyone.

That all changed when Bos started working with her. For whatever reason, the pair worked well together, and Cila would listen to him.

The pair had the important task of searching for hidden weapons and roadside bombs in Iraq. They completed over 100 missions hunting for explosives.

Some of the other important work that they were asked to perform by the Secret Service was protecting the President and Vice President during the United Nations General Assembly and the Democratic National Convention.

Bos Was Injured and the Pair was Separated

Jason Bos suffered a back injury while training and this prevented him from performing his work. Bos was forced to leave due to the injury and Cila was assigned a new handler to continue with her detection work.

Bos was very upset with having to leave behind Cila and worried that he would never see her again.

The Pair are Reunited After 2 Years

Bos saw on Facebook that Cila was about to be retired, and he was contacted to see if he was interested in adopting the dog.

Since he was Cila’s former handler, he was given the first chance at adopting her.

It wasn’t a difficult decision at all for Bos to make. Of course, he wanted to adopt her.

The American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue paid for Cila to fly from Germany back to the United States after Box reached out to them for help.

Watch Jason Bos and Cila as They are Reunited Below

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