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Soldier Rejoins With Puppy She Saved From Dog-Catchers While Overseas

When 29-year-old Military Sergeant Charity Webb was working as a cook in Europe, she met a roaming dog who had been straying around the base. The dog ultimately had puppies, one of whom was very shy around the soldiers.

Webb rapidly fell in love with the tiny puppy, who additionally took a liking to her. Webb was the only soldier there who had the ability to hold her without her crying or freaking out.

Webb spent weeks feeding her and gaining her trust, revealing her that the soldiers would just assist her, not hurt her.

But sadly, there were people available who wanted to hurt her. Webb usually had to hide the dog, who she called Puppy Puppy, from dog catchers, who are quick to kill off all the strays.

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During her time in Europe, Webb and Pup established an incredibly strong bond, one that Webb recognized she could not leave. However when it was time for her deployment to come to an end, Webb feared that Puppy Pup would end up getting killed without her.

That’s when she heard about the non-profit Paws of War, which reunites soldiers with the animals they cared for overseas when they’re back in the United States.

Because the organization runs entirely on donations, they had to wait until they had enough money to bring the dog to the united state, which costs on average $7,000. Thanks to an article from the NY Post, not just did Paws of War increase enough money to bring Puppy to the united state, however they also increased enough to rescue a second dog also!

After a number of months apart, Webb and Pup were lastly reunited in a touching moment. Puppy Pup rolled on her back and wagged her tail as soon as she got out of the van and found her new permanently mother.

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