Minutes Before The Train Sped By, A Brave Train Crew Saved A Bobcat Frozen To The Tracks

After its hind paws became frozen on train tracks in British Columbia, a wild bobcat found itself in a precarious situation. Fortunately, the helpless animal was given a second chance thanks to a quick rescue by a train crew. However, it was not an easy rescue because a train was about to pass by in a matter of minutes, and the terrified animal was difficult to approach.

For Coby Reid, a railroad inspector in Trail, BC, and his coworkers, it was just another day at the office. The crew started inspecting the tracks as part of their daily routine very early in the morning. The team must ensure that the trails are clear of any obstacles. It wasn’t like that this time, though. They noticed something stuck on the tracks just as they were getting close to the Columbia River.

The men realized there was a bobcat as they got closer. Coby and his team initially assumed the wild feline didn’t want to leave because its breakfast (a duck, which it most likely hunted) was right in front of it. They soon discovered, however, that the bobcat is unable to leave. Its paws became stuck to the tracks due to the extreme cold.

With less than half an hour until the next train arrived, the crew knew they had to act quickly if the helpless bobcat was to be rescued. As a result, they decided to approach the animal with caution, cover its head with one of their jackets, and then set it free. However, the rescue proved to be far more difficult than they had anticipated, as the bobcat became agitated when the crew approached it. Nonetheless, the dedicated men are eventually successful in releasing the poor animal!

“At first, we approached it with the intention of covering it up with a coat,” Coby told Radio West. “It was definitely not the cute cat in the picture.”

The crew even recorded the rescue, and Coby later posted an update on Facebook. “I saved this little guy today while he was eating his breakfast (duck) and froze to the rail,” he wrote. “We got some warm water and got him free.”

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