Puppy Works As a Water Carrier At Baseball Games

Some people think that only humans can perform daily tasks. Recently a dog proved that animals can also be consistent and outstanding employees. It is a very intelligent Golden Retriever dog, who has lived since 2017 in a stadium in Indiana, United States.

Like basketball, baseball is also a very outstanding sport in the US. Almost everyone likes this sport there and in our story, even this dog is a great baseball lover who has been working there for a long time.

He works as an excellent water carrier there. In the beginning, the dog was sleeping near the stadium and was fed by the visitors during the championships. But soon they appointed him the position of the water carrier, that is, he is in charge of bringing water to the tired referees who are constantly on the move throughout the match.

Below you can see the video where you can see this adorable puppy walking around with the basket in his teeth handing out bottles of water.

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