Meet The Black Throated Bushtit Wearing A Gorgeous Bandit’s Mask Around Its Eyes.

The Black Throated Bushtit’s name first will surprise you but when you look at you will be amazed even more.

The strange-looking birds stretch just up to 4 inches long and weigh in at around 4-9 grams. So they are very tiny and rarely noticed by people. They are flying with flocks consisting of 40 birds.

The diet includes fruits, seeds, and spiders.

The black-throated bushtits are found from the foothills of the Himalayan hills throughout India and through countries such as Bangladesh and Taiwan.

But the funniest thing about these birds is that the black coloring around their eyes is separated from the white and orange coloring making the black spots look like a real bandit’s mask.

These wonderful shots were taken by Chen Chengguang, a Taiwanese wildlife photographer who specializes in bird photography.

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