Officer Byrne The ‘Cat Cop’ Saves Chudo, or ‘Miricle’ Found Alone In A Bush

Gretchen Byrne is a Florida police officer who is passionate about saving cats and kittens. The cop has earned the moniker “Cat Cop” as a result of his actions.

Frequently, she has found furry treasure in area dumpsters, like two pretty orange kittens Ram and Bengal, found in a dumpster on Super Bowl Sunday.

Officer Byrne is kind, full of love, and she’s funny too! Just ask her 62K Instagram followers.

Gretchen recently rescued a wonderful tiny kitten named Chudo, which is Ukrainian for “miracle.” “It means miracle in Ukrainian,” the officer explained, “and boy, does the world need one.”

Chudo was found all alone, hiding in a bush. The tiny ginger kitten still had his dried-up umbilical cord attached, and his little eyes were tightly shut.

By the time Chudo was two weeks old, it was clear that she was indeed a girl! Before long, the little girl was climbing up legs and using a litter tray all by herself.

Chudo has grown into a happy, full-of-beans bundle of joy, and Gretchen couldn’t be happier with her little miracle. Chudo has also built a friendship with Pua, a kitten discovered at a gas station.

Little Chudo is now healthy enough to be rehomed and move on with her forever family. What a little champion!

The tiny ginger kitten still had his dried-up umbilical cord attached, and his little eyes were tightly shut.

Too. Much. Cuteness!!!

The sweet kitten was aptly named Chudo, which means “Miracle” in Ukrainian.

Each day, you can see Chudo and Byrne share a strong bond, and it’s so cute to watch.

Oh, the level of sweetness is real!

Chudo, who turned out to be a girl, has become a playful, full-of-beans bundle of pure joy, and Gretchen couldn’t be prouder of her little miracle.

Chudo is now well enough to be rehomed and begin her new life with her forever family!

Chudo is such a darling little bundle of love! And how incredible is Gretchen?

The work she does for cats and kittens in need is truly commendable. And there are plenty of those around, going by recent statistics.

In the United States alone, there are around 70 million stray cats. Some have been abandoned, while others have fled and been lost, while yet others have been born on the streets.

Every year, stray female cats have about 1.6 litters, with an average of 5 kittens each litter. The problem is that these cats need to be spayed, but unfortunately, the cycle continues.

However, beautiful people like Officer Byrne are making an enormous difference, and we can’t thank them enough. Please keep up the incredible work – we (and the cats) are eternally grateful!

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