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Cutest Kitten Brothers Keep Getting Passed Over Because They’re Blind

Arthur and Gabriel were both rescued by the RSPCA from a construction site at different times. It was only when the second brother was rescued that they realized they already had the first brother in their care, and the two were quickly reunited.When they were rescued, both kittens were blind due to cat flu and other complications, and therefore both had to have their eyes removed.

These sweet little brothers are alike in every way — and now, they’re looking for a home together, too.Despite being absolutely adorable, the brothers haven’t had any interest from potential adopters so far. Arthur and Gabriel may be blind, but they’re typical kittens in every other way, and everyone at the RSPCA knows that they’ll make the best additions to one perfect lucky family.

“Arthur and Gabriel are adorable, friendly and loving kittens who, after all they have been through, really deserve to find themselves a special home,” Sophie Moran-Barker, the rehoming coordinator for the RSPCA Cat Hub, said in a press release. “We worry that potential adopters have been put off because the kittens lost their eyes, but being blind does not stop them from leading a full and exciting life!”

Even though the kittens can’t see, once they’re settled into their surroundings, it’s easy to forget that fact. They get around just fine, and even like to cause a little mischief. Arthur is especially adventurous, and often ends up in unexpected places. Gabriel is a little quieter and calmer than his brother, and prefers to cuddle up to his best friend every chance he gets.

Gabriel and Arthur don’t need to be the only cats in their new home, and could live with another friendly cat who can show them the ropes. While they’ll need a few accommodations when they’re first adopted, ultimately they just need a compassionate family who will love them for exactly who they are.

“They will need an understanding and experienced owner who will be able to spend time with the kittens and provide them with lots of toys and enrichment,” Moran-Barker said. “Their new home will be strange to them at first and they will need to orientate themselves, so their feeding bowls, beds and litter trays must always be in the same place, so they know where they are and can use them as a reference point so they can get around more easily.”

Arthur and Gabriel have been waiting a little while now to find a home, but hopefully they won’t have to wait too much longer.

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