No One Wanted To Take This Puppy Home Because Of HIs Unusual Appearance, But One Day Everything Changed

The life of this dog had a very sad and painful beginning. His name is Tripp, who stayed in the puppy shop more than nine times.

Nobody wanted to take him home because he had rotten teeth, 3 legs and very long nails. No one took care of the baby properly.

Poor Chihuahua did not know what life was like beyond those walls. He had only had difficult days since his birth.

But in September, the dog was saved from its horrific life by National Mill-dog Rrescue center.

As they arrived,he got out from the car and his tail started to move quickly.

He loved the love and attention he received at the center, he loved going out and walking.

He did not despair of his appearance and wanted to live his life to the fullest and happier like all other dogs.

Rescue center decided to show him in a few videos to take some attention.

But no one appeared to adopt. But it was not over yet. Here is what happened a month later.

Trip’s tail began to move happily again when his new adoptive family saw him and came to adopt him just before Halloween.

Fortunately, everything changed for the miracle dog. A happy future awaited him.

Now he is one of the 3 pets of his new caring home and feels very happy. How good it is that he found his eternal home and is growing up in great love and care.

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