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Mother Horse Proudly Shows Off Her Newborn Baby To Her Owner

Mother Horse Proudly Shows Off Her Newborn Baby To Her Owner

Maternal affection is one of the most beautiful emotions in the world. Being a good mother is not an easy task, but it’s definitely a delightful experience. This isn’t limited to humans only, since other species also appear to be proud of being parents.

When you have a baby, your child is the most beautiful thing in the world, and all you want to do is to show others your precious kid. Just like any other mother, Sapphire did exactly that in October last year when she welcomed her child. Let’s meet Sapphire, an upbeat white mini-horse!

Mini horses, despite their small height, are a breed of horse and not ponies. Their height is often under 34 inches, which makes them even smaller than ponies. That’s why they look really cute!

In fact, these horses used to be raised as pets by the noble and the rich, so their miniature figures appeared in Europe in the 1600s.  They may be small than other horse breeds, but they can be trained to pull carts, jump and become therapy animals. However, most people keep them as pets because of their lovely size, and owners can keep them in backyards, a farm, or a pasture.

The pretty mini-horse Sapphire enjoys her tranquil life on a farm. On the day she gave birth, she rushed out to inform her human of her baby.

You can see how excited she was when she showed off her baby in the clip below.

The horse’s owner was thrilled when she was heading toward the white mini-horse. “What have you got, honey? Baby, what have you got?” she asked sweetly before noticing a beautiful new baby colt lying next to his mother.

While some animals become aggressive or scared after giving birth due to hormonal changes, Sapphire is different. She was so cheerful when showing her human mom her baby that she wagged her tail and pointed her nose at the newborn. “Oh! Look at him. Good job!” said Sapphire’s owner. She also felt happy for her mini-horse and the adorable baby.

The heartwarming video went viral on Youtube with over 2.7M views. Lots of positive comments from online people showered the horse and her colt.

“The baby is still but the mother is frisking and looking so proud and happy that I know he must have survived,” said one comment.

“I used to breed mini horses. The foals will sleep hard after a few hours of being up. Being born is hard work on both Mom and baby. That baby is dry, so several hours old. No need to worry yet, too short of a clip. I would often watch Momma horses stand guard over their sleeping baby. It’s precious,” another commenter wrote.

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