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A Kind Person Rescues A Dog Found On The Highway!

You have a very good heart. I appreciate you for being a good person.
Bless the lovable dog and the lovely lady.

While others arrived to assist, a woman acted quickly to save a dog that had [tr.apped] on the side of a busy Michigan roadway

An honest person Debbie Allen observed the dog [tr.apped] and clearly spooked, so she sprang into action, making sure the animal wasn’t [str.uck by] a vehicle. She pressed up against the middle barrier, trying to keep the German Shepherd out of the way of approaching vehicles.

Allen, a pet owner herself, said that when she pulled over, traffic came to a complete stop since the dog was running uphill. She turned around to fetch it because she wanted to make sure the German Shepherd would be safe


She returned to her vehicle and made an effort to block the flow of traffic. As she arrived back, a different driver waited with the dog. Then, to assist, the Michigan State Police showed up.

The German Shepherd seemed well-fed, clean, and mannered, according to Allen. She surmised that the dog had become [lo.st] from his house because he was [sc.ar.ed].

When the Humane Society showed there, they were able to take the dog away securely. The canine was sent to a nearby Michigan Humane Society facility despite supposedly not having a microchip.
Rescuers are apparently looking for the owner right now to reunite the canine with its owner.

Get your dogs fixed and microchipped if you care about them.
We are grateful for this rescue! I hope he soon finds a furever home. ❤️🏡❤️

God bless you.


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