Miniature horse unable to use hind legs runs for the first time after getting custom wheels

Turbo is a miniature horse who has been suffering from mobility issues since birth. The horse couldn’t use his rear legs and thus couldn’t walk normally. However, kind people did their best to help Turbo.

Road to Refuge Farm Sanctuary in North Haven, Connecticut took the horse for treatment. Co-founder Megan Pereira is a mixed animal vet tech who inspired the sanctuary to save farm animals from being euthanized. So when he learned about Turbo he couldn’t stay indifferent.

Walkin’ Pets, an organization dedicated to supplying mobility devices to injured and disabled animals, also stepped in to help. They provided him with a wheelchair and this was the best thing that could happen to Turbo. The miniature horse not only started to walk but also started to run, and gallop.

This story is another proof of how people can change the animal’s fate.

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