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Therapist Dog Relieves Stress For Medical Staff In Mexico

In a hospital in Mexico City, a little therapy dog is in charge of reducing the tension that the current coronavirus epidemic has caused in the medical staff. Harley, “El Tuerto,” a little pug who was trained as a puppy, gets ready for his special shift with boots, goggles, and a protective gear.

To provide his treatment to the entire staff, the pug strolls across the hospital with his owner, clinical neuropsychologist Lucia Ledesma.

His mother dons snorkel goggles, a neon zippered rain suit, and yellow rubber shoes to safeguard the puppy.

The puppy is willing to provide his remedies to the medical staff attending the epidemic without being rebuffed, making their faces brighter in the middle of their demanding days.

According to National Geographic, Harley, who is regarded as Dr. Ledesma’s “cotherapist,” claims that the staff members dealing with the situation have experienced less psychological, emotional, and psychic stress as a result of the puppy’s presence.

Due to a vision impairment, “El Tuerto,” a 3-year-old who is a part of the National Medical Center’s psychiatry and neuropsychology program, has earned the moniker.

said Lucia Ledesma:

He has already taken part in therapy there for people with mental, psychological, or neuropsychological disorders. We started preparing him for it when he was a very small child.

Due to his docility and ongoing readiness to engage with people and foster empathy, Harley has been favored in these treatments.

Says Lucia

“Some coworkers want to play with Harley right away […] We must take into account the period we have been denied physical contact, especially among the first line of defense employees, who have even split up from their own families out of fear of spreading the disease.”

The doctor added that the pug’s inclusion in the treatments is a component of a project that she and her team have been planning since February.

In order to avoid the anxiety that the pandemic would cause and a potential hospital overflow, the emotional support initiative was created. The initiative is made up of a group of experts in biosecurity, veterinary medicine, and nursing in addition to this beige puppy.

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