Meet The Cutest Golden Maine Coon Cats Family Ever Before (VIDEO).

We used to have one, and they liked to go out and hunt at night, which scared me.

I eventually chose to buy a few mice from a neighboring pet store and release them in the yard. His pursuit of them discouraged him from wandering the streets. They are natural hunters and will certainly locate prey in some manner. It’s much better to keep it to your backyard, particularly if it’s walled in.

I used to have a Main Coon, which was a beautiful, sweet, and friendly cat, and everything I listened to in this video is accurate. Pretty Boy was his name, and he would certainly follow me around and like it when I stroked him.

He would lie on his window seat in the evening, waiting for me to come home from work, and when he spotted me drive up, he would hurry to the door to meet me. I will always remember this amazing cat; I had never ever had one like him previously, and he is currently, sadly, in Cat-Heaven.

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