Heroic Woman Makes Sanctuary To Save Blind Cats From Euthanasia

This is the incredible story of a mother and daughter duo who thought of an incredible solution for a tragic problem. 

Keep reading to discover how Alana Miller and her daughter changed the lives of thousands of blind cats forever. 

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

The Bold &Blind

Alana Miller and her daughter were volunteering at a local shelter when they came across a six week old blind kitten named Louie. 

Louie’s owner surrendered him to the shelter because he was unable to take care of him.

Even worse, Louie’s owner planned on abandoning him in the PetSmart parking lot if the shelter wouldn’t take him.

Sadly, the shelter Louie was brought to was unwilling to take him because he “wasn’t adoptable”.

Courtesy of Eagle Rare Life

Alana couldn’t bear the thought of this 6-week-old blind kitten being left alone to fend for himself.

Alana knew she needed to do the right thing. She generously stepped in and offered to take him.

Little did she know, Louie would open a whole new world for her and her family.

Louie was able to do everything a “normal” cat could do.

He played, climbed, ran, and loved to snuggle just like a cat that wasn’t blind.

He was living proof that being blind wasn’t the end of the world.

Blind cats are just as lovable and capable as any other cat!

Making A Difference

Soon, Alana and her daughter started rescuing more blind cats.

After taking in their fourth blind cat, Alana and her daughter quickly became aware of the lack of resources available for blind cats. 

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Under the law, in North Carolina, if a cat is sick, injured, or blind they are not considered adoptable and may be euthanized in animal control facilities.

Alana Miller and her daughter applied to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit in St. Paul’s, North Carolina.

In 2005, the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary opened and began saving the lives of innocent blind cats.

Cat Lives Matter

Alana also realized that thousands of cats were being euthanized every day for testing positive for FIV and FELV.

After doing her research, Alana found that many of those test results were false positives because of inaccurate testing. 

In 2011, Alana added a second building to her sanctuary specifically for cats that tested positive for FELV (Leukemia positive) and FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

Not only are these cats re-tested with more accurate technology, but they are given a safe place to thrive regardless of their diagnoses.

Alana and many other rescuers are well aware of the misinformation surrounding FELV and FIV.

Cats that have been diagnosed with these diseases can enjoy a long and fulfilling life under the right conditions.

It’s important for cat owners to educate themselves and learn that there is hope for these cats.

Blind, But Not Broken

Alana and her daughter have truly made a difference in their community by fighting back on the idea that blind cats aren’t worth saving.

Blind cats can do just about anything a normal cat can do.

They love to climb trees and cabinets and can get themselves into places that will leave you questioning how they did it.

Something many people outside of the rescue world don’t know is that blind cats are also incredibly adaptive.

Cats in general are incredibly adaptive. That quality alone is what made cats thrive in a variety of environments all over the world.

But special needs cats are especially adaptive!

If there is a change in their environment, they will quickly adjust to the change by using their whiskers to help with direction and any possible obstacles. 

“They don’t know they’re blind. They just know they’re cats,” said Jackson Galaxy, The famous cat whisperer.

The Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary has committed to caring for thousands of cats that would have otherwise been euthanized.

Thanks to them, thousands of cats (both blind and not blind) have had a second chance at life!

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