Big Dog Decided To Take Care Of The Abandoned Kitten And Despite The Difference In Size, He Has Become An Ideal Nanny

This huge Pitbull could not walk by an abandoned kitten without pity.

One day the owner of the huge dog named Norm found a box with a little cat in it. The woman couldn’t pass by the little one and took her. The woman knew the difficulties of raising a newborn pet. Even when the newborn’s eyes are open he still needs regular visits to the veterinarian clinic. She named the kitten Sonic.

But the woman wasn’t alone as his dog helped her very much. He attentively cared for the little kitten and became the best nanny ever. He liked Sonic very much and enjoyed playing together.

But one day the best friends were separated as Sonic found a new home. One of the woman’s friends decided to keep a cat and adopted the little kitten. Fortunately, the owners of Norm and Sonic were friends and they met very often. The connection between Norm and Sonic was special and they tended to keep it forever.

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