Drivers Notice Four Dogs Blocking Traffic Because Their Close Friend Is Down

Stray dogs are far also common in lots of parts of the world, and because of this, in some cases all they have is each other. As canine owners we understand just how seriously they take love and companionship, and it’s why we call them Man’s Friend. Their loyalty knows no end, and the heartbreaking video listed below shows just that.

In China, four dogs were seen being in the middle of the road around a friend who ‘d been struck by a car. The pups were blocking traffic and making cars walk around them as they wished for the best. You can see the one nudging the dog’s body as if to try and wake him. But dogs are smart. At one factor they realized he was gone however continued to stand guard and secure their friend. It’s just what they do.

Dogs are known to be emotional animals who can exhibit empathy and experience terrible discomfort from loss much like people. It’s one of the factors they make such fantastic pets. These four weren’t ready to leave their friend in the middle of the road alone.

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