Man’s Service Dog Was Stolen, And She Passes Out In His Arms When Returned To Him

A man has been reunited with his dog after she had actually been stolen along with his van. Bobby Linville counts on his 8-month-old Husky-mix service dog, Baby Girl Blue, as she notifies him to oncoming seizures and helps him handle his PTSD. When she was taken away from him, his world was turned upside down.

“I don’t care about my van. My boss owns a car lot, I can get another car. A car is a dime a dozen, however my dog, you can’t change that. My dog was my right-hand man or woman, you know what I’m saying? Like, my best friend, my everything, I’m trying not to weep as we talk,” Linville told 10 On Your Side reporter Tamara Scott.

After a week apart, both were rejoined thanks to the Norfolk Animal Care Center. Team saw the WAVY News 10’s report and recognized the canine had been brought into the shelter by a Norfolk Policeman. And before returning Baby Girl Blue to Bobby, the NACC upgraded the canine’s rabies shots and microchipped her!

All is well new, and Bobby also set up a GoFundMe to attempt to get a new van.


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