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Delighted Dog Has Emotional Reunion With Owner, After 10 Months Apart

This dog’s joy over seeing his human again will pull your heartstrings and make your eyes misty?

Dogs truly are man’s best friend and can’t understand why they are sometimes left behind. Despite this, as soon as they see their human again, it’s nothing but love poured out of their happy hearts.

Casey the golden retriever and his human haven’t seen each other in ten months. Finally, he arrives home in Ontario, Canada, after their being apart for so long.

Since Casey is best friends with his human, there is no doubt he missed him. Like all dogs, he went through his days not understanding yet hoping he’d see his best person soon.

Then, at 1:30 a.m., it happened. Despite the hour, the front door opened and to Casey’s utter delight, dad was home.

No hesitation, no delay, the surprised Casey simply walks down the stairs straight into his dad’s welcoming arms. He rolls on the floor and offers his belly as he cries, and cries, and cries for joy.

The video will make you cry, too.

Their reunion is so sweet. As this video says, “I’ve waited a 100 years…” and we’re sure that’s how long it felt to Casey and his dad. Since dogs have such a short life compared to humans, it was such a long time to wait.

Happily, the two are back together again and we hope they have a lot of fun reuniting. We’re sure there are a lot of walks, belly rubs, playtime, and lots of cuddles to share.

Casey is a lucky dog to have such a loving family despite what he went through during the separation. Such a sweet and beautiful pupper. We’re so happy for him that he has his best friend back.

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