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Shelter Dog Covered In Tiny Scars Gets HIs First Real Hug

Duncan’s face and body are covered in wounds and scars. His eyes only ask for affection, writes thedodo

Sarah Rosenberg, community engagement manager for the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, was there at the right time to give it to Duncan.

One look at his chewed up face and I knew he’d been through hell, but his eyes were soft and warm and inviting me to hold him,» Rosenberg told The Dodo. «I opened his kennel and he melted into my arms.»

Duncan had been found in poor condition on a porch in Atlanta shortly after Hurricane Irma hit. An animal control officer brought him to the shelter on September 14.

Duncan has plenty of old scars, as well as fresh new wounds – and, of course, no way to explain how he got any, although it seems a distinct underbite probably prevents him from protecting himself.

Duncan had just arrived when Rosenberg came into work that Thursday — it was a day that was to be spent mostly cleaning and painting, getting the shelter ready for the animals that had been evacuated.

Knowing Rosenberg’s soft spot for square-headed dogs, a co-worker got her to meet Duncan right away.

Rosenberg was deeply moved. Duncan seemed to sense it too. As soon as his kennel was opened, Duncan slipped his battered head onto Rosenberg’s shoulder «so he could be cradled like a baby,» she said.

«I held him for a long time, but he held me tighter,» Rosenberg says. «I could tell he expected nothing but accepted everything with grace and incredible sweetness.»

This sweetness seems endless. Duncan loves being outside in the sun. He adores the children he has met.

“When dogs arrive at the shelter after being abused or neglected, they sometimes do not survive due to injury, starvation or heartworms,” said Karen Hirsch, spokeswoman for LifeLine Animal Project.

«Anytime we can show an abused dog what it’s like to be safe and loved, it’s hugely rewarding and worth the effort.»

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