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Bear Rescued From A Zoo Is Now Best Friend With This Woman

We all love bears, they are the unofficial mascot of colder countries such as Canada and Russia.
Veronica Dichka is certainly a bear lover after adopting a bear named Archie who was rescued from the circus as a cub.

He was then taken to a safari park, and then an animal shelter but it became difficult to maintain him, this is when Veronica stepped up.

Nowadays, the pair are inseparable and do absolutely everything together!

Since Archie was borin in captivity, he was unable to survive on his own in the wild

So Veronica stepped up to take care of him, and the pair developed an incredible bond

Archie is very intelligent, he can do a lot of tricks and is very well mannered.

Veronica herself is a professional dancer, model, and fishing enthusiast.

As you can imagine, Archie enjoys going fishing with Veronica

He’s so well fed, that he doesn’t even need to hibernate in the winter!

Now Vernica has experienced a true bear hug

They share food, he sleeps in her arms and even hides behind her when he’s afraid

Check out more from Veronica and Archie on Instagram and

What a beautiful relationship!

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