Rescue The Poor Dog Scared To Death The Puppy Has To Face Wall Until He Meets The Rescue Team

We are the animal rescue team. if small animals need help.

we do our best to help them . Rescue poor little dog abandoned by his owner. the little puppy doesn’ t accept food from us .it seems the dog still hopes its owner will come back to pick him up.

He was in bad conditions , no food no water …we tried to help him there but it seems that he  need a Vet check .

 we took the little dog to the medical center to check the puppy’s health , after visiting the vet he told us that his health is not in a great situation because he was not eating .

The vet gave him some treatement and vitamines and ask us o take care of his food .

We did our best to be with this little puppy ,after many days he start getting better ,he is eating well , playing and ejnoying his new life .

Hope we can help all the pets 

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