Artist Photoshops His Tiny Dog To make Her Look Like Just How Big She Thinks She Is

Artist Mitch Boyer from Brooklyn, New York City is working with his furry friend Vivian on a children’s book entitled Vivian The Dog Moves To Brooklyn. The artist uses the magic of photoshop to manipulate Vivian’s photo to make her look bigger, a long way from her real cutesy size. In the book, Boyer transforms Vivian into an adorable gentle giant with technology akin to The Hobbit.

To raise money for the book’s publication, Boyer is conducting a Kickstarter campaign. He tells the story of how he and Vivian have been living together for 5 years and have gone through four states, five cities and ten different homes. His concept is to provide children who are going through the stress of new environments with comfort from their relatable experiences.

The book contains full-color illustrations by Boyer, and also includes lettering and illustrations by artist Valerie Navarro.
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