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A Desperate Lost Puppy Is Ignored By The People Who Pass Her By

While walking through a street market, a small white puppy is seen wandering all alone. The videographer has no idea where his family is, but they start filming the puppy in hopes of finding the owner.

As people pass by, the puppy cries but no one pays attention to the puppy’s tears. They continue walking by as if the puppy isn’t even there. At first, the person filming the scene thought the puppy must belong to someone close by so they continue following along to see what will happen next.

But the desperate puppy continues to be ignored by all the people walking by. The adorable puppy is looking for someone to help her but so far, no one claims or takes pity on her.

The sad puppy continues to follow various pedestrians, but no one seems to recognize the little lost dog. Now desperate, the fluffy scared pup begins running from person to person. But none of the shoppers pay her any mind. Sadly, she seems to be on her own even though she’s just a baby.

But she doesn’t give up. She continues to follow person after person, but no one stops for her. Without a second glance, the people just pass her by. No one seems to care what happens to the little pup or why she’s all alone.

Finally, the person filming the video decides to stop and help her. They hope to find her owner. In the meantime, she is named Princess and goes home with the only person who has sympathy for her situation.

Happily, she is now safe. But sadly, her owner was never found. Perhaps she was dumped at the market or maybe was just lost but it’s hard to imagine no one looking for such an adorable little dog.

Despite her day, the adorable puppy has a good appetite and is happy to eat and drink. She gobbles up her food and is so happy to be in safe hands and being taken care of. All thanks to the kindness of a stranger unwilling to turn their back on her.

Princess gets a happy ending and was adopted. Thankfully, she was not left on the street to suffer alone. We hope you enjoyed her sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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