15 Curious Photographs That Show Us The Real Size Of Some Things

You would be surprised to know the real size of some objects, animals and foods that exist on our planet. We are sure that if we ever stumbled upon them we might really be surprised to see the lengths they can actually reach.

For example, have you ever seen a giant onion? Or that a lemon is bigger than a pineapple? Well, that and more is what you will see in the following images that we have compiled for you.

2. We know that the white shark is the largest of its kind, but in proportion to a human this is its real size

3. Have you ever seen such a big moth?

4. It is the largest onion I have ever seen

5. A rare harvest of giant lemon

6. Not all sunflowers are small like the pictures

7. If you didn’t know what the real size of a moose was, here it is

8. Stingrays can get this big

9. A shrimp whose size really scares

10. This species of bird is called the Golden Eagle and this is how its legs look

11. A lobster that doesn’t exactly look like a lobster

12. A giant and completely real hen

13. A single mushroom weighing 1 kilogram

14. This zucchini is about the size of a small breed dog

15. Not all snails are small, this specifically is a Goliath snail

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