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Watch:Lioness,Four Cubs Create ‘Cutest Traffic Jam Ever’

Recent footage captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park shows a momma lion gracefully leading four cubs along a paved road while tourists follow closely behind.

“Watch as a Lioness and her 4 furry cubbies cause the cutest traffic jam ever in Kruger National Park,” Wildest Kruger Sightings described Tuesday on Facebook.

The lioness, stately and confident, pauses briefly to monitor her surroundings and check on her cubs. While some vehicles appear to be following too closely, the lions seem accustomed to their presence and pay them little mind.

Ultimately, momma lion leads the cubs off the road and through the brush, and back onto another section of road.

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Among the most popular comments:

–“Beautiful sighting! The Queen of the wild took her adorable cute cubs for a walk… it is so wow!”

–“Even as babies, they walk like Lions!”

–“Too many vehicles for my likeness but adorable lion family!”

The third sentiment was echoed by others in the comment thread.

Wildest Kruger Sightings did not disclose the identity of the videographer.

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