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UPS Driver Adopts Ophaned Pit Bull On Her Route After Tragic Incident!

Now, they are all one big happy family… How sweet is that?

Such a kind and caring lady thank you so much. For taking this beauitful baby!

UPS Dogs is a place where drivers can upload pictures of adorable pups they meet throughout their day.
Here is their incredible story!

Katie Newhouser is a UPS driver with more than fifteen years of experience in the field. During her extensive career, she’s probably met more dogs than she can remember, but there’s only one dog in particular that managed to earn a very special place in her heart.
BUT Why does he have to wear a prong collar?

That is the only, that I don’t like. Somebody with love to an animal shouldn’t use it.

Katie met Leo at an address she usually ends up at least a few times a month. Leo’s owner was a nice lady named Tina who had had the dog since he was just a little puppy. As you can imagine, the relationship between Tina and Leo was extremely close, and the connection was obvious even to Katie.

But one day as she stopped to visit Leo, Katie found out the Tina had unfortunately pa.ssed away while she was on vacation. Her son who was in the Marine was left in charge of the dog. But because of his busy schedule, he was unable to offer Leo the kind of love and attention he had got used to.
So Katie reached out to the son and asked him if he would consider giving the dog to her, as she and Leo had formed a pretty close relationship over the years.

Although she already had several dogs in her care, Katie knew Leo would fit right in. Now, they are all one big happy family.

Awesome dogs are the best ever pits are good dogs❤️

What a wonderful woman……Soooooo happy for this family.❤️🐾

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