Two Gorillas Couldn’t Stop Hugging Each Other In A Touching Reunion After 3 Years Apart

Photos of 2 silverback gorillas, Alf, 9, and Kesho, 13, reuniting at the Longleaf Safari Park in Wiltshire, England, went viral all over the world.

The 2 gorilla brothers hadn’t met each other for more than 2 years as the 13-year-old gorilla was moved to the London Zoo to be part of a breeding program.

However, Alf and Kesho, whose trip for breeding was not successful, reunited after almost 3 years! Furthermore, Mark Tye, Longleat zookeeper, said that after the emotional reunion, the two gorilla brothers act as if they were not separated! How adorable! Watch the video above.

Enjoy the video!

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