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Tiny Tow-Legged Boxer Dog Named ‘Nubby’ Melts Dad’s Heart In Adorable Video

Nobody thought Nubby would make it after being born with only two legs. But he’s beating the odds as he grows stronger and spunkier each and every day

Nubby came into their lives unexpectedly.

But they were ready for the challenge.

Nubby’s human mom, Lou, received a call from the shelter, who asked her if they were willing to take in a two-legged boxer.

That was Nubby.

Without thinking and without hesitation, she said yes. She told her husband, Mark, who also said yes.

So Lou went off to the shelter and took home this adorable two-legged tiny puppy

It turns out Mark didn’t hear her when she said she was taking Nubby home and was dumbfounded about how they were going to take care of him.

Nubby wasn’t just a puppy, though. Nubby was a newborn.

They weren’t prepared to take care of a newborn puppy, a disabled puppy who will depend on them.

Naturally, the first night was horrible.

Nubby came in very weak and had to be bottle-fed every hour. So Mary and Lou took turns feeding him.

It wasn’t easy and they didn’t know if he was absorbing all the milk he was drinking.

But they survived the first night.

They took it one night and one day at a time.

Before they knew it, Nubby was already a week old.

And when he was at two to three weeks old, he was scooting off the floor with the custom Lego wheels that Mark made for him.

Then Nubby got sick.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia.

He was brought into the ICU and it broke Mark and Lou’s hearts to see Nubby confined.

There was even a point when they felt they were about to lose him, but Nubby never gave up.

They couldn’t give up now

Every day, they visited Nubby.

They spent time with him in the ICU.

They did this until one day, Nubby recovered.

Nubby got older and discovered that he wanted to learn to stand.

It was a challenge with only his two back legs intact.

Mary found it hard to watch Nubby struggle but she knew she couldn’t do it for him or else Nubby will never learn.

Nubby needed to learn how to use his back legs to keep moving.

Through all of these struggles, Nubby still remained a very positive and happy dog.

He cared about making friends, even if they seem aloof.

In their house, Nubby wasn’t the only dog.

He lived with four other dogs.

These are Olivia Pig, Maggie, Grace, and Rita.

Of the four dogs, Rita was the one Nubby got along with the most.

They became the best of friends, along with Mary and Lou’s granddaughter, Lainey.

Lainey grew up with Nubby.

They did almost everything together and it always seemed like they had so many secrets shared between the two of them.

When you interrupt them, they will look at you as if you committed something atrocious.

When Nubby first arrived at their house, they thought he wasn’t going to live very long.

But two years later, Nubby is still standing strong.

Five years later, Nubby is still the sweet dog that takes care of their foster puppies waiting for their forever home.

Raising Nubby was worth every battle

Learn more about Nubby’s amazing journey in life in the video below!

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